Religious Education

As you all know, the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak continue to restrict our way of life, even how our public schools may be able to open their classrooms this year.  In the same way, the Diocese of San Angelo is working to develop the safest way to begin our religious education program for 2020-2021.

Here at Holy Family, we will proceed as usual by asking families to complete the enclosed Religious Education Registration Form and return it to the church office. The form is also available at our website. Please be aware that the usual registration fee is waived this year.

We will place students in classes as we usually do so that we will be prepared when it is safe to meet.  Until then, remote classes will be offered as follows:

Religious Education Grades Pre-K through 6:

We are expanding our curriculum to include an interactive online format that is an extension of our current Faith and Life textbook series.  The lessons are fully developed and do not require parents to plan and teach. Lessons can be completed each week at a time that works best for you. Our volunteer teachers will be online to help you and your children every step of the way.  It is our hope that parents will be engaged with their children as they learn, and that this will result in a rich discovery of our Catholic faith for the entire family.

We will be scheduling a parent information session soon. So that we can easily reach you, please go to and register with our new parish communication program EVANGELUS. Members will receive notice of class start-up, parent meetings, special events, cancellations and other important information.

Religious Education Grades 7 through 12:

Young people will be able to access an interactive online curriculum from Saint Mary’s Press which follows our current classroom series of Total Faith Initiative and Catholic Faith Handbook.  The online modules are to be completed weekly and reviewed via Zoom on Wednesday evenings with a catechist.

A parent information session will be scheduled before online classes begin in September.  Please go to and register with our new parish communication program EVANGELUS so that we can message you about the session. Youth need to register as well to receive the link to the weekly Zoom meetings and other youth activities.

We believe that a blessing is found in the midst of the struggle of change that has occurred for all of us this year.  By expanding our religious education program to include an online format, we have a new opportunity for families to learn and grow together in faith. The Second Vatican Council calls the family the “Ecclesia domestica… the domestic church… for it is the home that is the first school of Christian life.” (CCC no. 1666)

We look forward to helping you and your children be a home of grace and prayer.


At this time, Women’s Scripture Studies, Men’s Spirituality Groups, and Sunday Adult Faith Formation are not scheduled for in-person classes due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  Meeting arrangements will be posted when circumstances change.  Please join EVANGELUS at to receive updated information about these and other groups.

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